Monday, June 27, 2011

Difference Between Partner And Enterprise wsdl

Enterprise WSDL - This WSDL document is for customers who want to build an integration with their Salesforce organization only.It is strongly typed, which means that it contains objects and fields with specific data types, such as int and string. Customers who use the enterprise WSDL document must download and re-consume it whenever their organization makes a change to its custom objects or fields or whenever they want to use a different version of the API.

Partner WSDL - This WSDL document is for customers, partners, and ISVs who want to build an integration that can work across multiple Salesforce organizations, regardless of their custom objects or fields. It is loosely typed, which means that you work with name-value pairs of field names and values instead of specific data types. The partner WSDL document only needs to be downloaded and consumed once per version of the API


  1. nice one!! but can you please mail me the code sample to use both WSDL,
    Thanx in advance

  2. Just found your post by searching on the Google, I am Impressed and Learned Lot of new thing from your post.